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n00b/Cincinnati Concert Tix For Sale (x-posted all over . . . sorry 'bout the spam!)

Hey everybody!  I'm new here.  My name's Katie, I'm 27, and I live near Cincinnati.  I've loved the guys for a good 20 years and used to have every bit of merch my fam would buy me back in the day.  I was especially in love with Jordan and Joey.  Now I think I've gotten a bit more into Donnie . . . I guess because those Wahlberg boys just have some damn good genes.  LOL.  But, really, all the guys have aged quite well and I'd be a stuttering, drooly, fainting mess were I to ever meet any of them.  Hell, I'm still super-fangirly at boyband shows as it is.  I've only seen NKOTB in concert once (I wasn't allowed to go to concerts their first time around), but I'm getting ready to see them again a little closer home, a little closer to the stage, and with a friend I *know* will be super-into it and singing and along with me.

Anyhoo, here's the dilly-o-- I ended up buying a couple pairs of tickets because you just have better odds getting better seats when you buy tickets 2 at a time (although 1 at a time is even better!).  I thought I'd have multiple friends interested and able to pay me back in with in several months' time, but it didn't happen and it's now down to 2 of us . . . 2 who desperately wanted to get the best tickets we could afford as opposed to the best tickets available to us.  I bought said tickets on eBay, and now I am left with 2 pairs of tickets that I need to sell ASAP.  These are for Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati, Ohio on 6/27/09 at 7:30 PM.  PLEASE pass the info on to whomever would be interested!  I'll refund 10% of the money paid to me to the winner who puts "livejournal" in the PayPal comments!  Here are the listings:

2 tickets for NKOTB on June 27th at Riverbend section 800 row KK


2 tickets for NKOTB on June 27th at Riverbend section 900 row HH


Thank you all for taking a look!  Sorry for clogging up your friends pages!  <3
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